Playing Xbox

In my own opinion I feel that Playstation is better than Xbox. You can play online for free with Playstation and its easier to use. Anyways, I am staying at my cousins house and her plays Xbox. He asked me if I wanted to play Black Ops 2 Zombies on the map Town. I obviously said that I would play with him and I grabbed the controller. Well,my cousin thought I would suck because I am a girl. I laughed at him and we started the round. The longest he has survived with someone is round 19 and they both had all the perks. The longest I survived with someone is round 25 and I had no perks. Well, the end result we made it to round 19 and I had no perks at all. I’d say that’s pretty good “for a girl”. HA


Author: zombie678

I like video games. I also enjoy The Walking Dead, Adventure Time and drawing. I listen to rap, hip hop, 80's rock, MCR, PATD!, well basically everything. And I love Markiplier.

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