Just Some Boy I Call My Best Friend

Recently life has sucked a bit. I haven’t had wifi because e were switching companies. My friend I haven’t seen in roughly 6 months came to visit me and I’m not even allowed to see him. My other best friend Masen and I were in a 3 week long fight. He is my best friend and I love him to death. I can’t stand the fact he really believed I hated him. I told him sorry a lot. He is a pain sometimes. He says some pretty messed up crap and that is why we fought in the first place. I just really appreciate him and he is the best guy friend i have ever had. I dated him before. I didn’t like dating people at the time so I kept breaking up with him but then we dated. It was a week later and he dumped me because he was afriad I was going to dump him. That made me feel horrible. Then he got over me. He is dating his friend’s sister he has been dating for 2 months. I am happy for him. We are best friends now. I’m pretty sure I am over him too.


Author: zombie678

I like video games. I also enjoy The Walking Dead, Adventure Time and drawing. I listen to rap, hip hop, 80's rock, MCR, PATD!, well basically everything. And I love Markiplier.

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