Just Some Boy I Call My Best Friend

Recently life has sucked a bit. I haven’t had wifi because e were switching companies. My friend I haven’t seen in roughly 6 months came to visit me and I’m not even allowed to see him. My other best friend Masen and I were in a 3 week long fight. He is my best friend and I love him to death. I can’t stand the fact he really believed I hated him. I told him sorry a lot. He is a pain sometimes. He says some pretty messed up crap and that is why we fought in the first place. I just really appreciate him and he is the best guy friend i have ever had. I dated him before. I didn’t like dating people at the time so I kept breaking up with him but then we dated. It was a week later and he dumped me because he was afriad I was going to dump him. That made me feel horrible. Then he got over me. He is dating his friend’s sister he has been dating for 2 months. I am happy for him. We are best friends now. I’m pretty sure I am over him too.



My best friend with the “long tongue” is so dumb. He got In school suspension or ISS for being on his phone. Then he got his phone back and posted a pic on snapchat calling a teacher a bitch. Now he has ISS all week and he is the only person i get along with in my class.

Long Tounge

One of my good friends is really lit. He be livin the thug life and he chill af. Anyway he always looks at me and goes “TJ, I got a long tongue.” Then he flicks it and wiggles it around. It creeps me out sometimes and I tell him to stop. He does it all the time and once he winked at me. The weirdest thing is I may or may not have a crush on him.

Slime and a Creek

I live in the Westside of m town. Its filled with a bunch of fakes who think they tough. Well if you go down by this bike ramping place called black tracks there is a creek. It like is the stream and if you follow it theres a tunnel. My coiusin and I made slime earlier and went down to the creek. He thought it would be a great idea to hop back and forth across the creek while throwing the slime. The end result? We got all wet and the slime is floating down the river somewhere. I mean it was fun but still.

Playing Xbox

In my own opinion I feel that Playstation is better than Xbox. You can play online for free with Playstation and its easier to use. Anyways, I am staying at my cousins house and her plays Xbox. He asked me if I wanted to play Black Ops 2 Zombies on the map Town. I obviously said that I would play with him and I grabbed the controller. Well,my cousin thought I would suck because I am a girl. I laughed at him and we started the round. The longest he has survived with someone is round 19 and they both had all the perks. The longest I survived with someone is round 25 and I had no perks. Well, the end result we made it to round 19 and I had no perks at all. I’d say that’s pretty good “for a girl”. HA

Staying With Poeple

When you guys stay with people do you ever feel like they’re annoyed by you. I was staying with this girl and I felt like she wanted me to leave. I was staying with her to practice for our tournament today. When I was staying with her she just was acting weird. After we got back she was making plans for this other girl to stay at her house with her and I was waiting for her to be done talking. They started walking back down to her house and when I cleared my throat she said she forgot I was with her. That hut my feel goods. After we got back to her house she kept asking me when I was leaving. I just feel like she is fake. Like she just acts like my friend. Do any of you have that problem? Hit me up…