Long Tounge

One of my good friends is really lit. He be livin the thug life and he chill af. Anyway he always looks at me and goes “TJ, I got a long tongue.” Then he flicks it and wiggles it around. It creeps me out sometimes and I tell him to stop. He does it all the time and once he winked at me. The weirdest thing is I may or may not have a crush on him.


Staying With Poeple

When you guys stay with people do you ever feel like they’re annoyed by you. I was staying with this girl and I felt like she wanted me to leave. I was staying with her to practice for our tournament today. When I was staying with her she just was acting weird. After we got back she was making plans for this other girl to stay at her house with her and I was waiting for her to be done talking. They started walking back down to her house and when I cleared my throat she said she forgot I was with her. That hut my feel goods. After we got back to her house she kept asking me when I was leaving. I just feel like she is fake. Like she just acts like my friend. Do any of you have that problem? Hit me up…